Being targeted.

The target, minimalism

I will admit that I have not done the most thorough research behind this most pervasive topic of minimalism. From my most basic understanding of the matter, the minimalism movement started sometime in the 1960s, but stemmed from the artistic sphere. It related more to aesthetics.

Clearly there has been a new wave of minimalism where the main tagline is “living a life with less.” The main focus is on intentional living. Which, in grand scheme of things, isn’t a bad life philosophy to live by. But perhaps that is where the problem lies. In adapting something that in itself was merely referring to aesthetics, to an all encompassing way of life.

There have been many interpretations of the “minimalist lifestyle”, and many in the blogosphere have written about it. Sometimes under the guise of frugality or personal finance, and sometimes just adopting the actual term. It does take some form of (possibly misguided) confidence to state, “I am a minimalist.”

There is nothing wrong with being more aware of one’s self. And in the course of living one’s life, being more intentional with every aspect of it. Whether it’s through something “minimalism” or however else it is being termsd . The danger is oversimplifying. It is easy to subscribe to some nicely packaged solution which is being presented to you. A general disclaimer would be, no one can tell you how to live your life, merely to give suggestions on how certain things could be done better. There is no absolute solution. You need to find that for yourself.



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