The financial container

A crucial everyday item is definitely physical financial container (aka wallet).

I had been on the hunt for a new wallet for the year 2017. But had not found anything remotely interesting to replace ‘the Bridge’ wallet (my previous two wallets were from the classic line, and i’d recommend anything from their classic line and if you want to take up my advice you can visit this site

So it came as a pleasant surprise when I found this brand ( having a mega sale of their small leather items where i found this lovely grey zip wallet (sadly not featured in the photo).

Brand philosophy

‘Container’ has been around since 2010, and was collaboration between three friends with a particular passion for bags and accessories inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian Design, using leather from european tanneries.


To be honest, in terms of design, I did not notice anything particularly novel or intriguing. Instead, I noticed a couple of (not game changing) flaws. The wallet doesn’t open at a very comfortable angle because of the stiffness of the leather, and I think it could possible be some dimensional short change. And there is a discolouration of the leather inside the wallet, which can be attributed to uneven tanning (not uncommon).


If you are as enthusiastic about leather products and craftsmanships as I am, I was ECSTATIC at the sale price of $80 (down from $179) for this item. From the beautiful shine of the outer leather to the precise stitching, I knew I had to give this a go. It has been used for the past week now, and I am quite pleased. Thailand has a bourgeoning denim and leather scene, and I am enjoying every bit of it (virtual high five).



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