Like a well oiled machine

When you’ve put in place solid mechanisms, everything just runs perfectly, purring sweetly like the engine of a well oiled machine.

Do you feel like that?

I did.

I spent the better part of last year organising the following categories of things:

  1. beauty supplies;
  2. closet;
  3. working desk;
  4. finances;
  5. life scheduling.

And it felt GLORIOUS (for about a month).

So what happened next? Every organisational mechanism I had put in place was working, and I had nothing to do anymore because the mechanism was self-sustaining.

So… I started tweaking some of them again (for the better, I think). In particular, I revamped my finances spreadsheet and reconceptualised the use of my life scheduler.

Finances spreadsheet revamp – included more categories to have a more comprehensive overview of my current state of (ugh financial) self. #thosepercentagesthough

Life scheduler reconceptualisation – I have been using moleskine journals for the past 8 years now and decided that I needed to mph it. So, I incorporated aspects of the Ryder Carroll bullet journal into the framework of the moleskine journal. *Beams of light*

Now, I’d love to help anyone out there do the same. Just leave a comment.



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