I am not ungrateful.

The last few months have been a whirlwind. But that could be said for most months that pass.

The realisation is that life in an uphill climb. The number of obstacles in mine, are no more or less difficult that yours (just different).

Without stopping to think, a lot of little achievements had made along the way the past couple of months. And many of the little changes I wanted so much to implement sometime in August last year (the inception of this blog) have organically imbedded themselves into my life.

It dawned on my yesterday.

I am not ungrateful.

I am averse to change and uncertainty (which have all but rampant in my life the past few years). And sometimes hold on to the things I know, no matter how bad they are for me.

The changes we make, are to give us (hopefully) more than just a semblance of control over things that are in reality clearly out of control. They provide that soft cushioning that the unclear future brings. So I will continue to make those changes, and document them here.



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