Feed Yourself to Starvation?

Little Bao, Hong Kong

The irony of this post is that, I’m writing it while watching ‘Munchies’ on Youtube. Best food channel EVER.

Please excuse the title of the blog post, it sounds rather extreme but let me try to explain why I chose it. I think the food scene is extremely diverse, and there is something for everyone and anyone. Having said that, for a “young” (semi) working adult, eating out is almost a constant thing. Lunch is eaten out because, work (hurrah to lunch time queues for food). Dinner is sometimes out because, social life.  Admittedly, I enjoy eating out. Maybe a little too much. This means by the end of the month, I would have spent a large majority of anything I could have possibly have earned on food. So… there are times when I check my bank account near to the end of the month and I think to myself one of the following:

  1. Well, what have you done now? You are to eat grass for the rest of the month!
  2. Great, at this rate you’re going to have to starve in order to save up for that [insert desired trip/item/present here]!

It all boils down to how you want to spend your income. Everyone has their own philosophy as to how they want to structure their own life. For me, I started questioning the constant need to consume/spend just to have fun. This was coupled with the fact that I was not exactly all too happy with the way I was using my already very limited funds. I realised this was something that bothered be sometime last year. I love food, I love eating out. But I’m not okay with the idea that you need to consume/spend just to have a good time. Or, that social meet-ups mostly revolve around some type of meal (I’ll leave the people not paying for their share). Again, this could be a problem specific to me, because perhaps my income doesn’t give me the luxury of doing this. But why can’t an after work activity, or a celebratory event be a craft lesson, or a picnic in the park, or whatever else your city is able to offer? Perpetually eating out is bad for the health (you can’t control what ingredients are being put in your food), bad for your pocket, not as social an activity you think it is.

Hands up anyone who has the same problem as I.

Also, if you want to have a chat about food. It is very welcome. I love food, love being the operative word.



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