The Road to Simple Breathing


IMG_0333As with all blogs of some form of another, they start from a need to document. This blog stems from a need to document a way to simplify all aspects of life. The intent is to keep track and be intentional in the manner that is being done.

Anxiety can be crippling. Actually, anxiety is crippling. The hope is that during the course of this blog, I will be able to tackle issues categorically, hopefully in a interactive way which may also help others feeling the same way or experiences similar circumstances.

I am aware that there are currently many blogs on simple living and minimalism. It could be one of those lifestyle waves one rides, but it sounds like a good wave to be on (if one at all). And one must question why issues like simple living and minimalism are now recurring topics. Perhaps life has gotten too messy, perhaps life’s meaning has gotten lost.

I have not decided on my first substantive post, but if anyone wants to contribute a topic, please do drop a comment!



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